Sunday, March 1, 2009

For my love of Vintage

I've decided I need a blog ! So that I can share all my treasured finds with the rest of the vintage loving world.

I wanted to start with my vintage art collection. My collection of old paintings isn't worth a whole lot of money but each one is priceless in its own special way. Its really hard for me to pass up an old painting when I'm out and about on the prowl for new treasures. The other day I found my favorite piece. It's a portrait of a young boy resting his head in his hand with a sad look upon his face. I couldn't take my eyes off of it...I just stared and I imagined who this young boy could be ?? And why such a long face. I imagined he was somebodies beloved son, someones little brother, somebodies best friend. This sweet little boy is probably an old man now or even not on this earth anymore at all. A boyscout he WAS, or a baseball player not very happy to have to set still to have his picture painted OR he is a figment of the artists imagination, completely made up...but I like to think otherwise. I like to think he was real, somebodies sweetheart who grew up to be somebodies husband and someones father and grandfather and so on. Now I have a small piece of this boys life hanging on the wall above my kitchen table.

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